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WANTED: Fantasy RPers! Sponsorships and/or Volunteers of Fantasy Sim Idea!

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Forms are at the bottom but it is VERY important to read everything as to what you are signing up for! More info ARE on the forms for sponsorship (as in costs, rewards, rental, etc) as well as job roles (what you do, experience, etc), so make sure you read those too! A Discord link to the sim are on the forms as well for extra planning and socializing (like you know, getting to know people and just having fun~).

Anyways! The idea pitch to gather interest!~ \o/


This project is to be able to open up a fantasy roleplay sim incorporating a sense of entering into another dimension, summoned by The Goddess, named Osari in the year 2540. 
This dimension is Lunairis, one full of magic and clean air, compared to the dystopia of Earth, now ravished in chaos and despair, humanity on its last breath.
First, you customize your character (character sheet will be given along with details) and you start your journey in what is the hub for newcomers who have been newly summoned and have been working on figuring things out.
Of course, for extra story, there is a looming threat of The Overlord trying to take over Lunairis and spread chaos and despair through demonic creatures of all kinds... And perhaps he too, has summoned adventurers from dimensions to do his bidding?

There will be locations such as a gem mining cave, a largely populated city (where the IC 'HUB' is at),  and a small town in a fae-like forest for extra. Some other locations may be planned out, depending on which sim size is chosen. (Perhaps a Mer area?)

A region HUD is planned to be implemented for XP, spells, dice, and other things, such as a IC currency.

There are options to change your look through IC currency (hair color, eyes, skin, any extra added cosmetic features) and perhaps there will be options such as stats or weapon enhancements that give you a special spell.

I wish to give a free-form of character customization like a game, with extra MMO-inspired combat but with dice (as that is a fair form of combat to me). However there are limitations and rules, just like any other sim. Restricted races and rules, of course, but the character's appearance is freely chosen by the player unless changed ICly with the IC currency to do so.

Currency will be in gold only. 1G is USD 1$ equivalent.





Form for Sponsorship! - https://forms.gle/JM3bReHAAc2vZ3n9A

Form for Admin / Moderator / Mentor! - https://forms.gle/ikZTjnEzK73MgBbe8

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