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Hello Second Life,


I am looking for a builder who is good at making people-like objects.  

My Mother IRL passed away recently and I'd like to have something made that I can cherish ISL. 

I'd like it to be life size, with both of my Parents sitting together on a comfy outdoor bench. A bike against the bench next to my Mother and a thick wooden hoe on the side with my Father (they both love to garden) underneath a tree with white daisies all around.  Clothing will be simple as they both wear t-shirts, Mother usually wearing red or purple and Father wearing black (with an electric guitar on it).  My Mother wears jean shorts and my Father wears long jeans with a hat and sun glasses.

If you're able to make it mesh (so that it is a lower amount of prim) but detailed it would be appreciated.  Please give me a price and examples of your work so I know if your art style is what I'm looking for.  If you could incorporate a tank and turtles into the design, that would be even better, although if anyone can point me in the direction of someone who makes small tanks and turtles that's fine as well.

It's a big project (at least I think so).  I will provide pictures to those interested who have the art style.

Thank you very much for your time.



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