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1 hour ago, Gatogateau said:

I loved this movie. I need to watch it again. :) But I don't know what they were smoking.  No one I knew ever went into frenetic, bounce off the walls, head shaking dances from the funny cigarettes *we* had. It would have, at best, made  our heads hurt and spin. Ally Sheedy got it right at the end...


What do you mean?  But, but...this movie said it was BAD.



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Did anyone notice there is another "." thread on Page Two?  Why, do you suppose, did this one attract attention and take off, and that one did not?  Is there is difference in the quality of .s?  Or is it that the OP here left their . , while the OP in the other one said [deleted]?


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9 minutes ago, Gatogateau said:

ummmm... that would be this :) image.png.0b7bb46586843c08011cfa85221b6741.png

I stopped watching SNL after Gilda Radner died.  It really hasn't been the same since.  Not that I have a TV any more, though ..............  🙄


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