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Dear LL. Make name changes cheaper :P

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5 hours ago, Gem Oxygen said:

people do laugh at you for having a  Pancake Butt, Peppermint Apple Chest, Crispy Nova BBQ, Yeetly Slowly,  Salty Crusty Pants name.  If anything getting others to laugh at you might be worth the money.. Sad thing is people have no idea, they think they are funny, totally clueless, ignorance is bliss I guess.

Sad thing is you have no idea how many people are sneering and laughing at your salty narrow-mindedness.

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Well I changed my name, and then, at monthly intervals, 4 alts too.  But then I'm filthy rich and like to rub your nose in it.

keep using the display name.. it's free.

If they really wanted to make money they'd have done a global shuffle of all our names and make us pay to get our old ones back... Parallel universe evil SL 😏 

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