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My avatar Twisted *****, AKA LydiaDee666 is a strong and motivated woman.  Since day one she has been trying to figure out all there is to know about Second Life.  She started streaming. She had an art expo and now even has her own business called The Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Brothel.  She is naturally motivated to succeed and learn as much as she can.


Of course my avatar has a story but the woman behind the character is truly the same way.  Being very business minded but also enjoying fun times on Second Life is truly enjoyable.  At first it seemed as if everyone just wanted to have virtual sex or maybe it was the places I visited.  There is nothing wrong with virtual sex and it can be amazing on many levels but I needed more.


One day while visiting a noob hangout, Freebie Galaxy I met a handsome man avatar who was very charming.  His avatar looked so like like and I didn't know anybody at the time so he asked me to come check out his place.  I did and was bitten and agreed to be a Vampire with the online game within Second Life called Bloodlines.  Biting only two people myself I wasn't to sure how the HUD worked and really didn't have that kind of time to research it.  


Later a friend I met asked me to join Bloodlines but said my soul was his but I could join their family which I did. Since then I haven't done anything further with Bloodlines because I was so involved in 578992985_ScreenShot2020-09-06at11_35_49AM.thumb.png.ec0b4c1ffa3e65586d2d7521e8e7a778.png

many other things.  First lesson learned was that your appearance does matter.  The way your avatar looks is very important to many people especially if you're running a business or seeking employment within Second Life.


Luckily, I made friends quite fast.  I felt like I could truly count on them.  Some I even exchanged phone numbers with.  One friend of mine took me to Maitreya Island to buy a body, which I did.  I then went to Catwa to buy a Kathy Head.  I also bought a skin of Rachel at Essence.  I would have not known all of this unless someone told me.  Some people made fun of my avatar in it's first form even when I thought she was beautiful but now she looks almost realistic.


After purchasing all of the above, I then purchased various animation overriders, a realistic ***** from VAW and many HUDS that do various things.  Then come to find out all of the clothes I had purchased before no longer fit my new Maitreya body so I bought all new clothes. There are certain stores that cater to her body where I can buy her clothing.


Then deciding after a week or two I needed something more. I purchased about 3 houses, 1 mansion and 4 nightclubs along with my own land.  I wanted to try and make a business, a club of some sort.  In real life I'm a ProDomme so I wanted to incorporate what I knew about that and the adult industry as well.  After many various buildings I finally found what I was looking for in a gothic themed place.


One of my friends bought me on a night club hunting tour at one of the architects establishments.  You were able to go inside and look around before spending money on the purchase since they were pretty expensive for Second Life.  The homes and clubs were huge and unlike any I had seen so far. The night club I finally picked out in the end was called the American Gothic Nighclub.  It lived up to it's name and is actually a haunted nightclub.  I instantly fell in love.




Looking back on one funny encounter, I have a bamboo ropes contraption used for binding people or couples from Smooching Serpents.  As the person was bound a little spirit child appeared next to them. They called her Regan from the Exorcist.  I just remember laughing hysterically.  Another time I had a person come into the club and run out full force like they had seen a ghost, which they did.  I just get a kick out of peoples reactions.


The club I called Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Brothel.  The first floor is a beautiful gothic vibe with dark music.  If you aren't on the dance floor then check out the rest of the huge club which consist of BDSM equipment and roleplay areas.  If you don't have anyone to play with then go to the second level and get someone at the brothel.  The second floor also has cages and dance stands and swings overlooking the dance floor. With several dance ball options for customers.  I created a training facility for staff next door and for private viewing parties. I've put so much love and work into all of this.  Now it's time to finally hire some people.  I placed classified ads and have the application steel box located outside of the club for easy return.


Till the business got going I was spending so much money per day that I decided to look for employment on Second Life and found it at another club.  I loved the music and it was always packed. I went to a training class there and was hired as a host.  I even decided to download virtual DJ online and figure out the DJing part since I would have to know all of this anyway.  It is all very fulfilling to watch what you have created grow.  I always ask for suggestions from friends and have many more great ideas.  I created a store on the Second Life Marketplace.  


You will see me here in the future. I am still working on everything and once I have it the way I want it I will begin to learn more about real estate and land and creating mesh bodies and heads with blender.  The possibilities are endless. I'm truly motivated and everyone I talk to loves my motivation shining through.  This is just my journey so far on Second Life and it's just beginning.  Too those I don't know I look forward to meeting you someday.  

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For some reason I enjoyed your post and read it all—skimmed a bit thru the part about your club, mostly cos I detected a bit of risk of it being semi-promotional—, but overall it was an easy, engaging read. And yes, it has the potential to translate into a personal blog detailing your experiences.

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You sure did a lot in the two months since you became an SL Resident! I think when I was two months old I finally managed to open a box and actually wear a tattoo on my body instead of on my t-shirt, so well done!


edit: it also took me 3 week to get rid of..THE TORCH.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 174 days.

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