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What the difference between ak deluxe and bom head?

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Akeruka is a brand, BM aka Bakes on Mesh is a technique to bring textures to your chosen mesh part.

Sadly, I have no idea if AK has BOM as an included feature by now or if you might have to get any additional HUDs. There might also be a difference whether you paid full price for your head or whether it is one of their reduced price editions ... but yeah, "Deluxe" strongly suggests full price.

Are you in the brand's help group inworld? 

EDIT: A specific tutorial ... 


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AK Deluxe first came out before BoM (Bakes on Mesh) was released. All the Deluxe heads have been updated to add the ability to use BoM. If you did not automatically receive an update, then pop on over to the store and get a redelivery.

BoM allows you to use system layers on your mesh body (make sure to take off your alpha layer if your head turns red!), so you can use an ooooooold skin and use it on your mesh head and/or body. Your old makeup layers will work again, cleavage enhancers, tattoos (not the kind that come out of an applier) and more...

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