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Fixing Field of View for better screenshots

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I see this all the time in images people post here, flickr, my.secondlife, and so on...

Warping on the edges of images like in these two shots:



I was just about to reply to somebody in fact and send them better numbers when I realized that'd be rude... and maybe a LOT of folks just don't know why the SL camera looks so bad...


This is easiest to fix in Firestorm or Catznip where they show the actual numbers, but you can "eyeball it" in other viewers.

You want this:

View Angle: 0.57

Distance: 1.7

Or their proportional equivalents (View Angle a little over halfway down the slider from distance).






Fixed result:



Detailed info on other camera settings:




Gonna turn this into a blog post on my blog too, once I get the thoughts refined a little more.

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My 'bad examples' are not as bad as what I often see. Maybe the defaults in Catznip are not as warped out as the defaults in other viewers, or my scene was not the best to show the flaw. But if you can see the flaw, and see a more extreme version of it in your own images - look to the solution I've posted and see if it improves your images.

I need to redo these in the official viewer for my blog - to hopefully show the flaw as badly as I often see it on images posted to various SL galleries.


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You can also fix this problem very easily (note that sometimes folks are shooting at an angle ON PURPOSE so that needs to be taken into consideration) by using the camera control keys. I have those ALWAYS open on my screen along with the movement arrows. Have for over a decade. A couple of quick clicks and the problem is fix. I am using Firestorm.  


This can also be adjusted in graphics software as long as it isn't "too" off angle.   I almost always take my shots with the verticals at vertical :D



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I normally avoid taking pictures with excess distortion due to view angle, but recently i let one slip past me.


I looked at the picture, and thought what am i doing. then took another one.


 They almost dont look like the same girl.

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Ctrl-0, 9, & 8 take care of the in-viewer setup. Since I often am shooting up or down for effect I get the subject the way I want and then correct the geometery in Photoshop.  Otherwise, my geometery corrections in the viewer affect the subject.


It is possible to get the geometery perfectly vertical. However, that is not always desirable. If you adjusted a picture to make railroad tracks parallel as they vanish in the distance the picture would look wrong. Some perspective convergence is needed to make the picture fit our mental expectations.

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Control-x for some value to adjust zoom works in snapshots. You'd want the tip I've given for the removing the warping 'the rest of the time', as well as for not having warp when taking a wide / zoomed out shot.

There's actually a whole lot of things one would want to do. Both for the 'newbie' just wanting the camera to look 'normal' (as defined to be either 'like a video game' or 'like watching TV' or 'looking across my living room') and for taking images that achieve specific desired results.

My tip will get you to 'the viewer looks normal when walking around', and then more tips like control-X zoom levels will get you from there to the quality screenshots.


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Definitely another person to say just use the lens zoom in and out (Ctrl + 0 to zoom in, Ctrl + 8 to zoom out, Ctrl + 9 for back to homebase).

One thing to remember though, using the Ctrl + choices, operates like a zoom lens in real life. The more you zoom in, the more compressed the image planes become. The effect this gives, is that anything in the background, is much bigger than it would look at a 50mm lens (homebase). And when zoomed out, items in the distance end up appearing slightly smaller than usual. Plus, the wider an angle (zooming out) means that there is more distortion radiating to the edges of the image.

So same pro tips in SL as in RL!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 362 days.

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