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Looking for Rigged Musical Instruments for Animesh use

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I need a couple things created & rigged for animesh use, FP of course.

Drumsticks, a Tambourine, a guitar & maybe a bass for now. A microphone possibly.

Standard avatar rigging. Nothing fancy. I've rigged a few things myself but I don't get along well with Blender.

Could lead to a lot more, basically every instrument eventually. Should be somewhat low LI as they will be rezzed in world.

I make a lot of animesh and am always being asked for things for them, like low LI shoes and hair. Big hole in the market right now.

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Blame management for making @Vir Linden work on rendering & viewer stats collecting when his skills are better used for actual development.

Have a grunt do that work instead.

Project Muscadine has been shelved for almost a year now and still has bug fixes and body shape asset / attach point applying capabilities that need to be implemented.

With attach points support, no one would need to rig instruments or guns, knives, swords, hats, cups, glasses, balls, short hair or many other things for animesh.

See all the benefits here.

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Can't wait for them to get it up and running! I've been waiting. Even downloaded the project viewer a couple months ago but it's been disabled.

The only reason I learned Blender was to build and rig stuff for animesh, but I really don't like the UI.

Want to get my Skeleton band done and Halloween won't wait on the moles.

Attachment point support and size sliders would be a blessing to animesh, but I've been wanting them since the initial test.

Like everything else here, I'll probably end up doing it myself and just spending too much time on it lol.

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