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Customizing MP Stores

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Just an idea to share. Apart from the default categories that are provided by LL, I would like to customize my own categories on my Marketplace Store.

For example, under Animations, I'd name a tab called "Typer Animations," which its product still shows up under the LL's default category on search but the customers can easily browse stuff on my MP accordingly. That way the merchants would have better opportunities to present their products. Let alone saving energy/time answering peoples' questions involving the product lines we have.

What do you guys think? Will LL listen to this kinda idea?

P.S. Perhaps this would encourage merchants to utilize MP more than inworld, thus more revenues for LL.

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You can ask for it using the JIRA and request there.

As a note LL were quite clear that Marketplace development won't be an active focus until the "move to the cloud" work was completed.
There are a ton of outstanding JIRA requests at this time for Marketplace features but it's still worth adding yours as if you get lots of watchers it may help LL decide priority.

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