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sex clubs vs. gentlemens clubs

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I think in the past I've asked a similar question...  But...  Recently LUSTHOUSE has changed their sim completely.  I very much dislike the new sim set up/ look/ environment, etc...  I'm curious to know if there is somewhere similar in set up.  I prefer places you can hang out at and even not speak to anyone if u wish not to. 

Upon looking around at different places.  I have come across gentlemens clubs.  Problem with gentlemens clubs is they are usually ultra 'stripper focused' to the upmost degree.  I have no problem at all with strippers.  But....  If I walk into a gentlemens club with my bf its usually a situation where we are being asked constantly and immediately about dances, tips, etc.  I'm looking for a place a little  more low key. 

In the past I have even had an issue with a clothing item when i tp to a gentlemens club...  The piece of clothing was not covering up all of the top area like it should.  I was OUTSIDE trying to fix the clothing and I got booted out before I could even fix it.  The only reason why I'm sharing this story is because I prefer to avoid situations like this.  I am a member of a few gentlemens clubs you pay a fee for that are in fact nice.  but...  I do realize the type of place I seem to be looking for is more of a sex club and less of a 'gentlemens' club.

I'd like to find a place a little more relaxed like LUSTHOUSE where you can say nothing if you don't feel like talking, watch only or even have decent conversation with others.  If anyone has any ideas I'd be interested to know.

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Unfortunately all places lately saying they’re a “gentleman’s club” are a strip club . It really sucks because I too would love to find an adult place to chill at in-world and not be asked if I want to work there the second I teleport in (seriously places that do this - stop that *****. Not every girl wants to work in your club -_-) 

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"Gentlemens Club" is actually a synonym for strip club. It is the same thing just a more fancy term for it. If you want to go to a chill adult place search for swinger resort, nude beach or adult similar. Another option is search for bar, music club, spa or similar and un-check G and M in the rating filter.

I  found one which is really nice and relaxing, It#s called "Senz". Swinger friendly beach resort with a club house and bar area. It is on a homestead hence max 20 avatars at the time. Actually good idea for yet another blog post. 🙂 I will post it here when finished.

Another rather busy one is "Maui Swingers" and "Temptations".
Cathy wrote something about Maui:

Top ones for members only (fees apply to join):

- Teqi's Lounge
- The Chamber Hotel




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The problem with a lot of 'watcher friendly' places is that you end up with 40 avatars standing on the landing spot watching the 2 avatars that moved inside and waiting for something to 'happen'...

The 2 eventually give up at what looks like a dead joint full of bots and TP out.

It's kind of like nude beaches in RL... there's usually a huge stack of blokes up on the hill just outside the property with camera equipment... which destroys the desire to engage for anyone that actually went there to enjoy using the place.


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You might like one of my boyfriend's properties. We built it for our family and it's not geared toward stripping or a cash grab. Completely open and free for people to use.

There is no dress code for women (just men), and no open sex, but there are skyboxes for that.

There's a voyeur style dressing room for girls only. There is a men's cigar room with lapdance chairs and and some stripper poles.. but anyone can use them, we don't employ girls and don't allow escorting. Just thought it would be great if there was a place where couples could come to live out their play a bit.
We have a dance machine that I set up ... it's not one of those bad flappy arm dance machines either. There are some nice couple dances and some single dances too!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tyrell Prime/36/39/63


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