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Y'all sing along now: "This was a triumph..."  

I haven't played videogames for some time, after the heartbreak of Syberia 3 but I do have some old favourites to post.  Since Raglan Shire's Arrrgust theme ends in a couple of days this will be the f

The soundtrack of the game that, among other things, must have inspired Philip Rosedale to create Second Life:  

On YouTube, most Stardew Valley tracks have a parade of people exclaiming, "I like this one best!" so it's hard to choose just one.

Here's the first thing you hear when you wake up the first day:


One of the charms of the soundtrack is the surprising juxtapositions of instruments by the composer.  In this one, autumn comes to Stardew Valley:



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A game that my husband and one of our sons plays, that I also started to play with them back in Division one..

Division 1 took place in New York when bad man created a super virus and released is on black Friday to cull the population of the world..Division 2 takes place in Washington DC, 7 months later where factions are in a power struggle to be in control of the cure and the nation.. The Division is called out  and is the last resort when all else has failed..


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How I love this game and its Music, I feel so peaceful just walking around, sometimes I don't do the missions I just like to explore this beautiful world, this game is my therapy!


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