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The New Red Cherry has a lot to offer!

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The new Red Cherry now is a complete sim where you find a lot:

  • Find YOUR HOME at The Red Cherry! 🏡 We have 3 different houses to rent, all with private garden and security orb for your absolute privacy. The houses are not furnished, so you can furnish and decorate them just as you like ( 2 houses with 250 prims, 1 house with 400 prims). 🏖️ A big Gyspsy Spot with furnished Gypsy Wagon, a river, a bonfire and a private beach, of course with security orb for your privacy.  3 Caravan Spots with furnished caravan, bonfire, security orbs and 2 spots have a private beach - these spots can be rented daily even! 
  • 🤵👰 Wedding Locations! Spend your special day at The Red Cherry! We have 🏛️The Imperial Location for your elegant, romantic and stylish special wedding - with Ceremony Area with Wedding Walk, podest for minister, gifts and favors for your guests, a Party Area with Mr. & Mrs. Table, dancing floor, cut the cake table and soooo much more - plus a Honeymoon House to get ready and/or spend a romantic day together after/before the wedding. Again with security orb of course! Plus Wedding Car and Wedding Arbor for taking pics. We have 🏞️ The Handfasting Location - have a Celtic Wedding Celebration with Ceremony Area with Wedding Walk, a lot awesome animations including shared sip, binding & broom jumping, a Party Area with Gazebo for taking pics, dance floor - and much more! This spot has a Honeymoon House too as well as a special place for popping the question! Again with security orb of course. Last but not least we have  The Automated Wedding Chapel with a nice little Chapel, a Automated Minister, a gazebo with Tables for guests and the Bridal Couple, Dancing options, cut the cake table and an arbor for taking pics. Again of course with security orb! 
  • 👫 Self-directed Slave Auctions - our Auctions are fast and simple! Get your board, prepare your Auction Card, and be here as often as possible. Auction last for just one week, you get 90% of your final bid and that right after Auction End. Come over and check it out!
  • 🏟️ Thw Red Cherry BDSM / RLV Resort - Members Only! A private place for your VIP Members (group has a one-time fee of 150 L$). You find a Club with tons of RLV stuff and furnitures, Cuddle Places, Garden Chest and a Piano Bar! 

Most of our animations are the finest Bento Animations

All our spots for rent (houses, spots, Wedding Locations) have a Preview Time of 3 mins set.

We caught your interest? Come over and find out yourself what The Red Cherry can offer you!!!!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phoenix Sanctuary/129/217/24



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 236 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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