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You left out "Fell to My Death" which is one of my favorite things to do in SL.

For this week's challenge, I decided to keep it very simple. Tell us about your Second Life activities! With the help of some friends, I tried to think of activities that most Residents end up doing a

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the pink circles have a caveat

1) i never paid for the region, a RL org did, so that might not count
2) Clicking Snapshot is not quite what I think is meant by Glamour
3) i found inner peace every time I have been on Second Life, right up until I quit over things that I can't even remember now much at all. Sometimes tho I quit because RL priorities and I am a bit intense obsessive-time-wise personality
4) i never found love in SL because I never looked for it. While I have found contentment, joy even I suppose, in/with others, it has never tipped into falling in love

of all the things on the bingo that I remember inner peace wise the most was the pickup soccer games (played a sport) that used to happen on Lime region back in about 2007. The games lasted 15 minutes as that was the auto-return time on the Governor Linden parcel there. Was quite fun running round trying to bump the ball into the goal, and bumping others and getting bumped off the ball

that and making stuff in the HIP sandbox and blowing it up on Pooley island. Sometimes would go over to OIP and rez rockets on the tiny grab ball parcel there, and rain them down on the others on Pooley. Who would reply with their own rockets. And sometimes people on HIP sandbox would join in with rockets and missiles of their own. And others also from neighbouring region Linden Village parcels which were set to rez

total shambles most times, stuff all over the place. And sometimes Linden governance would turn up and say: Can you all please stop doing this! You are killing the regions. Was true this, the regions would end up running like mud. And we all go: oh ok then, and help tidy pick up all our stuff that had got stuck on no-autoreturn no-script parcels

over a decade older now. So don't do anything like this anymore. Pretty much stay on my parcel, listen to the  radio stream and dance my avatar sometimes. While I am doing RL stuff in another program on my screen. Sometimes I might do some LSL scripting, just to enhance stuff for my own use

and 5) my blog. I can't even remember its name now. I had like 3 readers. Me, some random person who probably ended up on there while looking for something else. And Hamlet Au. Who one time made a article on his blog from something I posted on my blog about bots and traffic count which he did credit me for. So that was my only claim to blogging fame. Getting quoted by Hamlet Au on his blog 😺

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What next then? I need a list for the next decade! 

edit: pets only never babies, fell in love once and it stuck! 
maybe 2020/2021 = blogging or vlogging in earnest, that has not ever stuck! 

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