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You left out "Fell to My Death" which is one of my favorite things to do in SL.

For this week's challenge, I decided to keep it very simple. Tell us about your Second Life activities! With the help of some friends, I tried to think of activities that most Residents end up doing a

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A few qualifiers here (the green ones) - I made an avatar to look like myself in RL but I did that on an alt, not on this account. I had a blog, a long time ago, but it didn't last long.  And I "adopted" pets - if buying them in breedable auctions counts as adoption.


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Wow, I'm amazed how many things I have done in SL.. and I'm still thinking I haven't done everything haha !

The most important things to me was the educational purpose part. Because I'm learning english in SL since 2016 haha ! And I could find some work because of that, so big thank you Second Life ! (even if Covid killed everything, I keep hoping the things will be better )

Another good thing was the photography part, I could share tons of things via the Flickr platform ( https://www.flickr.com/photos/noxyconium ).. SL is amazing when you have a so creative mind !

In other words: I just need to own a region and I have a full bingo haha ! wooo !

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I have yet to own a region

People tell me I look like my ava but I think that was accidental.

I am not a sports guy, not even in SL.

Inner peace hahahahaha

I bought a cat. Probably doesn't count.

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I've been in Second Life before my AV moon Ling(lost my first AV that named the snowy region Moen, cos...didn't switch my AOL email in time..i think..been too long..anyway it's still me, Moon, and loveeeee SL) and I can no longer tolerate a first life without Second Life, so please Linden team, I don't care if you guys are hanging out at your office pantry and giggling at our booboos inworld, just keep our virtual world safe and let us all live together in it for always, thank you, love you  

HAVE YOU EVER Second Life Edition 25Aug2020 - moon Ling.png

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20 hours ago, Eva Tiramisu said:

Is fencing a sport?

if done with those sword like things then yes, if you attaching barbed wire to posts in the ground then probably not. 

I marked that I played a sport because i once hit a golf ball. It didn't go anyplace even remotely near the fairway, in fact it kinda went backwards into a lake, but i did make an effort .

Oh and what is teleport slamming?

have you ever.png

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