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Dear Resident,

Available for rent today is halfĀ of a sim located onĀ a calm residential island without any lag. This green forestĀ island comes withĀ 2500 primsĀ to build your home and is 32768 metres large in terrain surface. The measurements for this particular island are 128 by 256 metres.

This luxurious island location is ideal for those who are looking to have their privacy in world.Ā This luscious forest environmentĀ comesĀ surrounded by mountain landscapes so non of your neighbors or their builds are visible. You will be able to enjoy stunning visuals andĀ scenery as you design your very own island. This pristine garden locationĀ will provide you with a calm environment to have your home in Second Life virtual world. This gorgeous islandĀ comes with SunsetĀ  views for your pleasure. It is also possible to terraform the terrain of your islandĀ toĀ your liking which allows you to create what you have in mind.Ā 


* The above image is the actual land that you will receive. The land is decorated and ready for you to place your house on your very own property.

The island is located on the Dreamworld islands in Second Life which is a high quality group of islands founded by Count Burks Estates and providing a home for many Second Life residents for years.

To visit the island do click the Teleport link: Ā CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT

The rent for the island can be paid per week or per month as you desire to the tier meter which is located in the corner of the island.

When you have any questions IM Count Burks directly in world.


I am looking forward to meet you in world soon.


Count Burks

Count Burks Estates - Excellent Land For A Modest Price


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