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Intellectual Conversation... Place?

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There used to be a few places where people arranged for various talks - had lecturers and other random interesting people (supposedly) come in, as well as stimulating debate etc. Does anything like that exist nowadays?

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Geek Speak "

Next week we will see the first 15km hop of a starship, a milestone in the history of space exploration. Many companies are competing to get to the moon or to get to Mars or to catch an asteroid.  Soon we will see rocket factories that churn out a new rocket every week.  The space era is truly beginning.So where will we go first?  Space tourism?  Space business?  What do you think is the logical path?  Will we soon have millions of people living and working in space?Come and discuss the future"

This sounds very much like it fits the requirements of an intelligent discussion. One is held every week on Saturdays  here 

GEEK SPEAK 2016.png

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2 minutes ago, Madelaine McMasters said:

I've been here for over a decade and have never had difficulty finding civil discourse.

Lucky you then. I've been over here for over a decade as well too and you don't have to be around that long to find a smart ass around every corner. A lot of the threads are polluted with idiotic responses. Take the Lifestyles and Relationships section for example. Most new comers can't even post there with out being trolled by some moron with a smart ass remark. So you can say what you want mate, but anyone who can read can obviously see how toxic these forums can be. lol ;)

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Last week we had the Manifestations festival which was part of the Design week (DDW20). The theme was Monsters in our society.  That was a good event to meet up with Designers and artists and have indept conversations.

I think the installations will stay a bit longer. So if you are interesed in meeting and talking about the Arts & design and Zeitgeist topics you could still  try there.

The main hub for all destinations is here (will be there until upcomming wednesday) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chill/218/30/21

If you like to learn more you can also watch the Lab Gab Interview by Strawberry Lindens: 


Sascha Carvalho

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