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Empyrean Reapers faction roleplayers needed!

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Recently set up a roleplay group called Empyrean Reapers


Empyrean = Where the pure element of fire was supposed by the ancients to exist
Reapers = Machine to harvest

Foremost of the great explorers were the Empyrean Reapers known originally as the Gatestriders.
Founded as a colony of the United Nations of Omega Frontier. They were the furthest colony to the origin of Earth x257/v6.

Attempts of gate jump was during this time before the disaster of the planets occurred.
They took the name only after the gates were created and they were forced to abandon their home.

Two years after the Collapse of the world had ended, a mysterious area called Noxia arose from the grounds where the destination was set to Gate jump.

Little did they know was a civilization unlike their home and the threats still loom in a form of a different kind.


[[[Who we are?]]]
A technological advanced collective focusing on resources & High-tech equipment, in our search for answers, exploration and survival. Considered a neutral group depending on how role play unravels, and to give us options regarding other factions/freelancers in the given situation.

[[[What do we look like?]]]
We are either lightly, medium or heavy armored in our exoskeletons, some can be shown in how you change shape of your avatar frame so that the reason is the exoskeleton is a specific type for the user. Some may use traditional exoskeletons that are elaborate in its aesthetics with machinery than to change body shape.

[[[Who can join?]]]
Since this is in the adult region preferably 18 or over and have a good humour, patience, and understand or willing to understand about role play.

[[[What else is there?]]]
Combat is optional either by roleplay combat with or without the use of a virtual dice, or actual meter combat with the use of the ccs and ccs compatible weapons/abilities.

[[[Current situation]]]
We are a small group and our aim is to have a well-established collective of roleplayers in various overlapping time zones so that we have presence for others to roleplay with and vice versa.
[[[I am interested what do i do?]]]

Please reply below  and add you name on the notecard then send back to Zeotetra

* In-game name:

* Experience in roleplay:

* Your time zone:
(sl is same as pdt and can use the link below to find your right time zone)

* Languages understood/written:

* How long can you spare to roleplay with us, and do you have any other commitments:


Thanks any question you may have regarding the roleplay and the location ask away!

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1 hour ago, Lillith Hapmouche said:

For the continuity of your "PR campaign", you might wish to decide whether it's "I got a sim", "the sim owners", "we"...

We will be using the Sim owner's sim to roleplay 👾

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 242 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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