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Never cared for it. Voice is disabled, but I sometimes enjoy hearing the DJ talk and engage with listeners when I am listening to their stream at events. Bad part is when some stranger was trying to talk to me via voice and then later I get a barrage of irate IMs saying I am rude and I think I am all that for ignoring them. Pleeeaaassseee!

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I've never used voice or cam in SL and have never had issues with other people being friends or something more.

I've been here 12 years and don't think anyone has ever asked me to voice or cam. Something's amiss here, Bella. A quick look at your profile suggests what it is. You've posted a RL picture of an

,You should get that caps lock key checked, it's misbehaving.  

I love to voice and actually really have no issue being on cam when I get to know people. However, I don't ever make those a requirement for getting to know or hang out with people. I don't really understand the whole verification angle really. People are welcome to hit me up for chat in text, voice or anything. It's just fun to chat.

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