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Small group of rpers looking to add a few people

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This isn't a sim advert or anything although we have our own sim and we play there, building scenes as we need them. Currently we have three settings. A viking one, a present day mafia/cartel setting and a near future foreign legion one. We are a small group and at this point we'd like to add a few like-minded individuals looking for rp in smaller settings as opposed to the huge RP sims. We have run plenty of those and are a little burned out on those huge settings. RP is more intense and meaningful, at least to us, in small groups with lots of story, action and with friends. If anyone is looking for that small group experience, do find me here on the forums or in world.

We are looking for players over the RL age of 21 all of us are somewhere between 29 and above. We don't rp 24/7 while we invite our group and its members to rp whenever they want it's not always a daily thing where there will be people around to rp. We do other stuff too. So it's ideal if those interested also have other stuff they like to do.

We are only looking for humanoid characters, anthropomorphic creatures don't fit in any of our settings and we are not looking to change that. We prefer para rp but aren't expecting a 4 paragraph novel for every post.

As of right now we only have the viking blurb written so I'll leave that here just so people can get an idea.


"It is [the earth] circular around the edge and surrounding it lies the deep sea. On these ocean coasts, the sons of Bor [Odin, Vili, and Ve] gave land to the clans of the giants to live on. But further inland they built a fortress wall around the world to protect against the hostility of the giants. As material for the wall, they used the eyelashes of the giant Ymir and called this stronghold Midgard." - Gylfafinning section of the Prose Edda

The Village of Kalvadr is held by the Jarl Lukian Eriksson aka Lukian the Cold. He reigns over the chiefs in the outlying villages  who seek him for council and protection. Kalvadr and its surroundings are presently held hostage by a perpetual winter. His 'theft' and marriage to the only daughter of the king of Alfheim has cursed the lands into their frozen state and he shows no signs of willingly giving her back. There are roleplay opportunities for a variety of things from raids, hunting, day to day life, etc.

Welcome to Midgard. We are a small and intimate roleplay group and we are not seeking to expand into a giant RP sim chasing high traffic and numbers. We prefer quality over quantity and are seeking just a few more like minded players to fold into the current story that is being woven. We ask you not to treat this as an ordinary RP sim and instead look at it as an extensive tabletop campaign that will be played in pieces but not at the constant go go go pace of a RP sim. This means we might not all wish to RP every single day.

If you are interested in joining our story we would love to hear from you. Please ppreciate we are working within an old Norse and Viking Mythos and this is NOT TORVALDSLAND. Do not mistake the presence of thralls for a Gorean sim. That said this is an ADULT sim with ADULT themes. Child avatars please do not apply. If you have questions please message:

laylah yaseotoko
orntess sorrowsong



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 269 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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