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Josh Susanto

The Linden Meter according to Ryan Linden

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I'll repeat what I said last in the original thread:


I think its just patently obvious to most folks that if they'd meant the meter to be something other than a meter they would have called it something other than a meter.Reasons why the meter was not followed in so many avatars are plenty. And its patently obvious the people who failed to follow it had no idea what they were doing just by noticing how wrong their proportion choices are, even within the many varying scales they do use.

Just because those people had no clue as to what they were doing were some employees of LL's doesn't make them magically sensical. Again; those fools had not just scale inconsistent, but also proportion. Which seems to clearly indicate that were clueless or uncaring.

If they wanted a meter in linden to be 125% of what it reads on the digits in the object panel under X, Y, and Z - they would have made those digits 125% larger.



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Josh Susanto wrote:

There's already some disagreement about avatar height on another thread. I acknowledge that.

What I was given for building reference when I first came to SL was a tape measure created by a LInden.

It told me that a ceiling height is 3.8 meters, doors are 2.8 meters by 1.45 meters, and (an?) avatar is 2.1 meters, which is roughly consistent with the height of an avatar set to numbers in the middle range. I was not provided with anything by Lindens to contradict this, and it was very consistent with what I observed practically everywhere I went. Even the architecture around telehubs seems to be designed for people larger than their metric equivalents.

None of this makes sense unless A) everything in SL is supposed to be bigger than in RL, OR B) the Linden meter is substantially smaller than the RL meter.

So which is it?


This thread makes no sense. You are trying to "prove" that SL meter is not a meter by observing how much taller avatars and builds in SL are against SL meter, and how tall humans and builds in RL are against RL meter. Then you come the conclusion that SL meter is longer than RL meter by this observation. It's like pygmies going to America would make a conclusion that there must be something wrong in a meter in America as everything looks so big. The Linden "builders tape measure" has nothing to do with SL meter being different from RL meter. It is just a suggestion how to make oversized things in SL, nothing more or less.

Meter is a meter, is a meter... If everybody made avatars to same "normal" sizes as humans are in RL and also all builds to "normal" sizes as they are in RL there would be problem at all. SL has a scale, The scale is the meter. We don't even need to think is SL meter the same as RL meter. We just make things to normal RL sizes by using SL meter.

The oversizing problems we see in SL has many reasons:

1. Linden Lab made the default avatar too big to begin with (I have my suspisions about why they did so...)

2. The default camera height in viewer is too high, which enhances the urge to make things tall because the high camera position gives false indication of vertical scale.

3. Short persons in RL might well prefer to have taller avatar in SL. Perfectly understandable. The problem is that there are already very tall avatars in SL. So, this person has to stretch the sliders to the maximum to be among the tallest in SL. Then the possible girlfriend must also stretch herself... they need very large house with very large furniture... and so the circle goes on and on.


Which brings me back to "why Linden Lab made default avatar too big"? My theory is that they had dollar signs in their eyes when making that decision. **Hey guys, with oversized avatars we could sell more land as they need oversized houses and thus bigger land area too...**

Linden Lab has made a mistake in that they have not educated people to make avatars and builds to reasonable scale. They even themselves have not made things to reasonable scale. The problem will not be solved by some declaration that from this day on "1 SL meter = 1.xx RL meters". The problem is solved by educating people about the importance of proper scale of things. So if a table in RL is 1 RL meter high, then in SL make the table 1 SL meter high. And so on...

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2 issues here. Here's my personal take on it (even though I can see the logic of the counter argument).


  • A Meter is the real world is an arbritary unit of measurement. Its arbritary in SL too - who said they had to be the same length compared to people's maximum heights just becasue they happen to use the same name? If it makes you happier, just call it a "Linden Meter". Last time I checked, the "Linden Dollar" wasn't worth as much as a "American Dollar" but they are both called dollars.
  • Builds in SL tend to use very high ceilings and wide doorways because generally people are not looking at them from "eye height" but camming from behind and above their avatars head. If they were not built oversized like this the space would feel very claustrophobic to everyone except those using mouselook view all the time. And people like tall ceilings in RL too - its just in RL taller buildings cost more to build so they can't afford them.

Sonya x.

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