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Hi all. I don't know if anyone can answer my question, since I use the Firestorm viewer.
I recently changed my computer, I had an NVIDIA graphics card. Step by step, the card got hotter and hotter, until he stopped working.
I bought a new computer, with the following characteristics.
AMD Ryzen 5 24G w/ Radeon Vega, Graphics 3.60 GHz
8GB on RAM
Windows 10 64 bits

Solid Kingstone HD

Much more powerful! But ... when I login in SecondLife, after half or an hour, I crash.
And, when I try to login with two avatars, impossible. After a minute or two, it throws me into one of the two avatars.
I already tried different drivers for the graphics card, I did a clean installation and reinstalled the viewer and the problem continues.
I have adjusted several options in Preferences - graphics and the problem is the same.
Do any of you have an idea about the problem or the solution?




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Unless your machine also has a dedicated graphic card besides the Vega 11 graphics, you switched from a real GPU to an APU. That basically (very, very basic basically) means that your machine's "main brain" processes every data... and with your settings, you're using a fire hose to fill a tea cup, figuratively speaking. Turn it down. A lot. View distance, max complexity. Non-impostor avatars. Shaders to basic. Or simply move that main slider to "Media" or lower towards "Baja".

The APU should be capable of running well enough on moderate settings. There are still a lot of folks with Intel iGPUs and Vega 11 has much more potential than those.

Also make sure that nothing runs too hot, causing throttling or crashes.

By the way, is that the Firestorm EEP beta, which is known for its horrible performance? The settings tab does look different.

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You are running way to high for even that system to handle.  integrated graphics are not really mean to be run at high or above. reduce it to medium.

Just because its a newer system does not mean you can suddenly bump everything up to higher levels and have it work well.

Your too eager with your settings.

And running more then one client at a time will require to even lower it further. having one or both on low.

8GB ram is not a lot.. even with my system with 16GB ram i dont try and run it at high not if I want above 5-10fps or mostly empty sims.. it has built in graphics as well..


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I have had a Ryzen 2700X for a couple of years now, admittedly with a nVidia GTX 1080 Ti GPU.  Not had a single issue like those you had, even pushing the graphics to Ultra and 500 m draw distance.  SecondLife needs balanced power of both CPU/cores and GPU, go for too much on either end (GP Processor or Graphics) and the weakest will throttle things.

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I would question multithreading too. Can Ryzens do that? I am ignorant to AMD CPUs I apologise.
My i7 runs ultra inworld @ 3 x viewers, but only because I have R.O.G 8gb RX580 graphics card and 64Gigglybites of RAM.
I hardly ever run 3 viewers but it can do it easily.

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I have had no problems with my Ryzen 7 1800X along with my nVidia GTX 1060, and I run both Windows 10 and Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 on my system. I keep my draw distance set to what I am doing, in my house I don’t need it very high at all, 96 is normal. But even setting it really high to look around Bellisseria I have never crashed. I don’t remember the last time SL crashed on me.


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Nice that you are praising your Ryzen setups with dedicated graphics, but that's a bit like proving that college kids received more school education than a toddler. The toddler being the iGPU. Worlds between those performance levels.

By the way, Ryzens shine on multithreading and make Intel cry. Not figuratively speaking. 

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You can use the free program HWMonitor to watch temperatures in the computer components.

MemHistory is another free program that will show you how memory is being used. You'll be able to see if the 8GB is being consumed. 

The clues to what is happening are in the viewer's log file. See this post to find the log and make some sense of it.


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