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Black and White Challenge

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I have always seen so clearly in Black & White & the nostalgia it can evoke from a memory to old movie still ~ always moves me ~ just like a perfume always there to be remembered enjoyed with a clarity or joy for me ~ it is my favourite medium and so agree the photographs even as a child are magical ~ how beautiful it is to rely on the use of light to give us memories and smiles ~ now it is my sanctuary and i loose myself in the palace of my mind and hope i bring a little joy to another ~ kind wishes Amber 


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Good Times, Cheap Wine

I'm like fine wine, sunshine, baby I never get old (Never never, never get old)
If you're lookin' for a hot mess, honey well here I am

Unedited snapshot.
Windlights: Strawberry Singh's Head Shot 

Filter: Black & White

Photo Submission for the Black & White Challenge



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