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Animal Avatar Appreciation

Dragon Hijinks

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Who here's got a wild side in SL? Lets show some love to the incredible content creators who have brought us these boundary-breaking feral avatars and the people who have made them their own! TWI, BRDMRT, Teegle, Grendel's, NutBusterz, Prehistorica, Medhue, iMonster...whichever brand you're repping, come and show off and tell the virtual world why you love being on four feet. [Or two. I'm not excluding birdfolk n such here! :P ]

My personal main avatar is the European Dragon by iMonster aka Tithis String. It's a great enough av out of the box, but the 3rd-party aftermarket that's sprung up around it really makes it shine. You can turn it into any dragon, drake, or wyvern you can think of nowadays! The community that has grown around this avatar is also a total delight. There's no better fun than running and flying around in a gaggle of beautifully diverse dragons and roaring your head off! [Really helps blow off steam. :D ]


[A slightly older photo of myself and my good friend unicorn.enchantment, who is sporting a wonderfully modded Teegle Horse avatar.]

Dragons have long been my favorite creature despite their fictional nature, and ever since I was a kid I've wanted a video game that really let you play as one. None of the "dragon rider" or "dragon slayer" stuff that was so prevalent in games. I got started in SL for totally different reasons, but the moment I stumbled upon the Uthgolian Dragons by Grendel's Children I was hooked. Furry avs are cool enough, but what do mean I can be an animal in this game? What do you mean I can be a flippin' dragon?? That was it. I was on the Grid for good!


[The classic Uthgolian Dragon, made by Flea Bussy of Grendel's Children all the way back in 2006!]

I've been collecting feral avatars now since, well...since I joined SL, really! My inventory is full of critters. There's no greater joy for me than showing up in a more "usual" sim as a dragon, or horse, or wolf, or dinosaur and awing the facelights right off folks who didn't even know nonhuman avs were a thing. Soaring around Blake Sea roaring at passing planes and boats makes for a very amusing weekend.

I'd be happy to show off more of my menagerie of avatars, but this isn't about me. It's about you!

Tell me your animal avatar stories, people of the Grid!

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I am one of those people who has a wild side! and like the post above i came to SL for the same reasons which is to be some type of animal. my first avatar since i joined has been a horse made by breeder's choice which is also known as teegle and for awhile its been my main avatar to use ever since. now and then I'll be a dragon since my OC is technically a dragon also. but like the OP I too have been in need of wanting to play as an animal rather than being a human especially in video games we have wether is riding the animal, taming them or slaying/hunting the animal for points, currency and etc. playing as a creature brings lots of joy to secondlife and there is so much third party support of these avatars. TWI's newest release being a deer has been a blast, the twi deer has amazing quality and support that you can turn it into just about anything. you want to frolic as a type of antelope? you got it! be a small horse or donkey? done! and there's more! when you've seen the avatar in action its about one of the most beautiful avatars out on the market next to the teegle horse avatar and imonster's dragons




Cookie rolling in flowers_001.png

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On 8/10/2020 at 7:23 AM, Dragon Hijinks said:

I love the TWI deer so much! It makes for a great "traditional" unicorn.


The animations for it are some of the cleanest and smoothest I've ever seen in SL. Rand really outdid himself with it. Makes me all the more excited to see what he's got up his sleeve next. :D

Wow! Love this look! ❤️  Im def gonna go check out this avatar once I get back in-world. I have a teegle horse modified as a unicorn and the neko cat avi (forget the exact name), but dont use them very often.

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I have quite a few animal avatars in my inventory, but one of my favorites is iMonster's European Dragon. It's a super versitile avatar with lots of third-party support behind it! Not one dragon looks alike! 

If you are interested in purchasing this avatar, though, please be aware that you'll have to have basic modding knowledge. Other than that, the avatar is wearable as is out of the box! Pictured is my dragon avatar, "Hemingway". 😆


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You guys aren't going to let this thread die, are you?

That would make Rocky really sad, and look at that adorable face! You wouldn't want to make him sad, right?

[One of the many outfits I have built on the Timber Wilds Wolf avatar, of my secondary fursona 'Rockhound' AKA Rocky! He's a red wolf who loves to dig for minerals and gems.]

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I have a Waterhorse avatar though it's been several years since I used it with any regularity. I used to do feral horse roleplay for a while, and I would also often take the short trip over the hills from my home to Braunworth Infohub and entertain the newbies with short carriage rides.



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I have had animal avatars as my go-to practically since I joined. Originally joined because of cartoon ponies, and the branched out once I realized there were more options. Also because the human and humanoid avatars all seem to be focused on who can out-sexy the other in ridiculous ways XD

I tend to prefer dragons over anything else, simply because they come in all shapes and sizes. Though horses and natural wildlife were a short-lived passion, due to far too many asking if they could "keep me as a pet, I looked so cute", I stopped. I do get that occasionally with my dragon avi, but far less often than "oh no! Please don't eat me!"

Anyway here's my current favorite, Whale-Eater, using the I Monster European Dragon! Picture is a bit outdated, since i didn't find proper horns when i took it a few months ago.Snapshot_010.thumb.jpg.d079e1aa2c75c4dc2c8e5dfc6b715ddb.jpg


Second fave is DraGUN, or just Gun for short, using the Wyvern body of the Euro. Mechanical dragon with a heart of actual flesh, maybe. Could go the route of "I have no mouth and I must scream", or 'dragon-shaped WOMD, flesh not included"



Here are some older pictures of my dragon oc Lokiande, which oddly enough came after i made my SL account. Avatar is the Dawn Kingdoms Dragon, and yeah back then my screen was busted.



this is the only reason I grabbed the Nutbusterz Chibi noodle, so i could use the Rabbit mod!



No idea what this was, but I put it together from a bunch of spare parts and thought it was cute


Made a goat out of... something.


here's a Bat..person? I think this was from Bentbox?


Mesh seal avatar from grendel's children, featuring once again, my old cracked monitor XD


Here's my attempt at turning another Grendel's Children avatar, the Avarian Big Cat, into some kind of dragon


This little monstrosity was from when I was hooked on the worst fandom: Gor. And because I found the animals far more interesting than the people, kaiila especially, i tried my hand at turning another Grendel's Children avatar [avarian deer] into something it was not meant to be. Big Cat paws and fangs, retextured MLP flexi mane and tail, avarian owl eyes. Still stupidly proud of this mod lol


Another mod I'm proud of, making a feral rabbit out of the freebie Grendel's Dragonlet and the Kani bunny



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 468 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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