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orange smoke problem


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Congratulations.  You have discovered Bake Fail, a reasonably common annoyance that strikes us all from time to time.  Here's the cure ...  https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_bake_fail

Almost all the time, the suggestions in that wiki page take care of the problem.  If yours persists, come back here and tell us.  We can recommend more severe measures.

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11 minutes ago, Sugarbaby497 said:

What is the next step?

let your friend ask him/herself?
it's often way easier to communicate directly, even in case of a translator, than by a third person in between.

If you really tried everything, let your friend contact support. (not you, support will mostly only discuss avatar issues with the user self)

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The "orange smoke" is Firestorm's version of the Ruth cloud that appears when an avatar can't rez fully because its appearance information is not available to your viewer. It's normal behavior for all avs in the few moments right after the account logs in to SL. It takes time for the servers to complete their handshake with the new av, get its appearance information, and rebroadcast it for everyone else within range to see.  Usually, that takes only a very short time, but it can take ages (or can stop completely) if there's a problem in communication.

The suggestions that are on that wiki page will work 95+% of the time, but can't help if your have a really slow Internet connection or (more likely) if you are losing data packets along the way or if the signal is interrupted.  Unlike games you may have played on line, SL demands a continuous, rapid data exchange between your computer and the servers.  If they are not in sync all the time, you'll experience lag, poor rezzing, inventory issues, and trouble moving and teleporting ... and eventually disconnection.  The first suspect is always your router.  Reboot it and your modem by unplugging them from the power for a minute or so, then plugging them back in and restarting everything.  Avoid using a wifi connection if you have a choice.  A direct cable connection is more reliable.

Those are the first, simplest "extreme measures" you can try.  If those don't work, we'll try something more drastic.  😈

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typos. as always.
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