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There are a number of sources for finding photo interesting places in SL. 

FLICKR is a source and some groups require the LM for the image location in SL to post. And several people just include that information with the SL images.

Xploring Second Life
 Photo Locales in Second Life (SLURL REQUIRED)

I have a document with the places I like for photos in SL. It is a list of SLURLs. That makes it easy for me to return or write about an image or locations without having to open the viewer and find an LM. I also have folders in the viewer for LMs for photos. Ask in-world and I'll give a folder of places I like.

Use in-viewer search and the term photo to find a number of places. Using photography brings up the names of studios offering photo services. Photo locations brings up a different list, but it is a mix of good and bad.

A more pertinent but long term source are the image threads here in the forum. In Creation there is an Art, Music, and Photography section. There are some subsections like landscapes.

The best part of the forum threads is you get to see an image. But, you have to follow the threads to get the location tips. For instance the How does your avatar look today thread is 1400+ pages long and the location recommendations are spread through the whole 1400 pages. Not something to thumb through when you are just looking for a location.

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