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Hello everyone .. I and my partner are looking to start a new apocalyptic Role play sim . We are trying to get it all together and we need partners , we have not the land yet but it is my first time posting here and I'm making this post to see who might be interested in joining us , The Role Play will be called " Last Stand " .. We are also looking for scripters to help us create the Role play system .. we are going to try to make it a zombie apocalypse RP sim with a lot of characteristics that defines it .. for example we will be making a crafting system , Agriculture system , scavenging system .. add to that there will be a military Role Play included on the sim ..

Message ViciousBunneh Resident or Kanitroy Resident In-world if you are interested or you need more info

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3 hours ago, CharlieAnneRoads said:

This sounds a lot like an RP that was on SL for a long time called Outbreak, and I was super sad to see it gone when I came back. I would seriously be interested in joining this sim when it's up if y'all are still working on it. 

yes that we are .. we are only trying to see how we can make the HUD and necessary equipment for the sim as of right now .. feel free to add me in-world so you can be notified once the sim starts running, we will be glad to have you !!

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2 hours ago, Zeotetra said:

Hello this sounds interesting have you considered the cost of creating such a system?

Also have you consider systems already available and if so are they not to your vision?



as for the cost we are not really on a good ground .. we have asked someone who said it may be about 50 K of lindens , the other has mentioned that it will be of millions of lindens .. we are still trying to figure out how to create this and who will do it for us .. as for other HUDs we saw some Huds as in DCS , CCS which are 2 combat systems that are now outdated and their use has been slowly minimized and they are only combat systems after all, another we considered was GCS .. GCS can be good but, it won't be suited for RP as it is mainly focusing on killing zombie spawning in forms of objects and a zombie respawns every few seconds soo it will not be a good choice at all .. feel free to give us more suggestions or helping us in anyway ! send me a message in-world Kanitroy Resident if you do want to suggest something or help with something

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Hello Kanitory

You made some really good points about the systems

What i like with the combat system is the engagement of the abilities, the animations itself are ok but not amazing. With Gcs for example i like that they have a quest giver it does give players objectives to do most of which is Eliminating threats some timed, finding objects, from what i recall.


I'd like to suggest a few options

1) You could use Gcs but limit the spawn increasing the time the spawn occurs also they have a pvp that can be enabled or disable of the players choice
2) Perhaps ask Gcs for a modifed version and if it could fit your budget
3) You could create a system focusing on things important in a zombie apocalyptic world

E.g. Looting, Hiding, Trading, selling, crafting, sneaking, etc

- Would it be in real time or turn based?

Also how slowing the movement, setting the theme and area and enclosed in a place adds to the experience.


Some even have their own ingame economy



3) You could work towards building a community with actual players playing as zombies or those as survivor and even some as hostile bandits an example

Lets say the survivor has a hud you can do several things exploring finding and making sure you are in good shape, somewhere you will notice a zombie/hostile bandit if you are wearing a group tag the system will let you change to say [Survivor Rp] the zombie/hostile bandit will approach you and the actions can be with the use of a dice. 

If however you have changed to [Survivor Rt] the zombie/hostile bandit could engage with actions e.g clawing you or biting

The only thing is that you can only change when you reach back in a safe zone to prevent confusion.


Just some thoughts !


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 245 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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