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I have no hate about someone using them, I just don’t like them, at all. I have not said, no one should use them and I hate people that do. I just personally don’t like them. And I don’t hate anyone because they use some part of SL that I don’t like, that would be insane. But it would be nice to see a note on an ad that auto alphas are used, that would be informative.


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I tend to be really picky and somewhat of a minimalist so I will only demo items I'm pretty sure about to begin with. Usually the item will get purchased unless it's really flawed.

It really doesn't happen often though because I prefer having a small wardrobe of quality items I love than a closet full of things I won't even wear. I become very content with my belongings and won't really shop unless it's for family or friends most of the time.

Unless I find something I really love!


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