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Is RP a big part of your SL experience?

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On 8/9/2020 at 8:38 AM, Talligurl said:

To me, everything I do in SL is roleplay, because my SL persona is not me in RL, and so every time I come here I am playing a role. Lots of people however have told me that this is not roleplay, so then I would say that RP is not a part of my SL. Often my experience when I get on a RP sIm is negative, so I now tend to avoid them. 

My personality in SL is the same as my personaity RL. So when I do things, it's as Sammy IRL. That and I love exploring my multiple facets of my personaiity, so it would be hard for me to create a persona that is separate from me.


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Rp to me is to act as a character just like in a movie such as in a sci-fi setting to be an intergalactic traveler who is on a search to migrate to another planet because
the previous planet was half eaten by an evil Alien called YOM.

Out of Rp referred as ooc i am less animated & still wear the same outfit because i like that 🎃


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As in a RP sim,  I haven’t roleplayed in a while since there was a lot of drama and favoritism from the urban sim I RP’d. I tried some others but they are closed now.  Some if you weren’t a girl who was sexually active in RP then your roleplay fizzled.   I do some bit parts and some dating roleplay now.  

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