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New: Looking into buying/renting/selling land

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Hello All,


I am a new member, I have always been interested in SL and have finally made a pact to stick with it. I am very interested in the idea of becoming a landlord and buying/selling land. Is there any pointers? 

Right now my idea of it is, buy land from auction, list it for rent, rent out location, pay linden fees. I know i am missing out on a lot in between. Willing to pay someone to help. 


I have a decent RL budget to invest but want to know what i am doing 

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Yeah, don’t is the best advice I can give you. It’s a difficult market to get into. Most of the land barons, aka the a**hats who own thousands of sims on second life, have the market pretty much cornered. You would find it a struggle as you would be paying the normal tier rate that the rest of us pay where as the barons will be paying a lower grandfathered rate and in some cases an even lower founders type rate and will be able to undercut you by quite a margin. Once the land store is back open and they stop ripping people off that is.

You could purchase a sim with grandfathered status off another resident when they occasionally become available. But, that would probably cost you in excess of 1k USD per sim. One sold recently with a minimum starting bid of 1300 USD and it would take you quite some time before you started seeing a profitable return on that investment, and that’s providing somebody actually rented it from you in the first place.

I would wait. At least until the SL cloud migration is complete and premium plus is released. Land may very well be considerably cheaper by that point.

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It is lots of small, cheap parcels. If you can buy them cheap, you can set up attractive skyboxes and rent them out.

You can also put in a ticket to LL and ask to buy Abandoned land. I believe LL will do this, but not for a lot of small parcels all over the grid. You should scout for a larger part of land, without too many eyesores around. When you have this large part of land, you can terraform and place out small rentals on ground in an attractive landscape. Use low Li landscaping parts on the rest of the land. Or try to have both ground rentals and skybox rentals, see what people are interested in.

Any option you choose, you must be prepared to cover tier yourself, because it is not likely you will have it all rented out. It is many who already rent out. You would need to make your places look better than the others. You must have them rented out all the time, to get even with tier. I doubt you can earn money on it, have fun doing it is the best you can hope for.

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1 hour ago, perfectstormss said:

is there anywhere i can learn how skyboxes etc work?

Even if it is not a class in session, helpful people hang around in places like Caledon Oxbridge, Builders Brewery and NCI.

Builders Brewery is more building oriented for those who will make stuff from scratch. http://www.buildersbrewery.com/calendar/index.php

NCI and Caledon Oxbridge has varied classes: http://www.nci-sl.info/blog/about-nci/

NCI Class Schedule: http://nci-sl.info/education/Schedule.pdf

And Caledon Oxbridges Class Schedule. http://www.caledonoxbridge.org/class_schedule.php

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On 8/3/2020 at 9:02 PM, perfectstormss said:

is there anywhere i can learn how skyboxes etc work?

Skyboxes work like any other house or building...they're just up in the sky.  If you place your skybox above 1,000m then ground textures are not rendered by the viewer, and performance improves.

Like any house, a skybox must be placed over land you own or rent.  There are easy methods of ensuring that your skybox is rezzed over your land, and does not intrude onto neighboring parcels.  For example: 

  • Rez a prim on your land and re-size it to cover your parcel, but not go over the borders.
  • Sit on the prim
  • Using the Edit window, change the Z position of the prim to the altitude where your skybox will be.
  • You are now sitting on a prim the exact size of your parcel, centered perfectly on your parcel
  • Rez your skybox and position it so that it does not hang over the prim's edges

As with any land, each land parcel gets only one music stream and one media stream.  If you stack skyboxes to get multiple rentals, they will all share the streams.  This can lead to fights over the remote...but only in theory.  I have not seen conflicts over this arise in practice.

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