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Mesh distorts when i upload it, please help 😐

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Hi y'all 🙌🏽 So i have this mesh that I had to change the rest pose in blender to fit the clothes better. I added weights.. tested the weights out on blender and everything seemed fine until I uploaded it to second life. The arms tuck near the stomach area. How do i fix this? Or what am i doing wrong or not doing?

Also, i'm very new! Would appreciate it more detailed instructions 😁

Picture of clothes in blender  https://gyazo.com/8dbd976c01621fd0dfd5d680c9bb8257

Picture of mesh when i upload it to secondlife



thank you so much!

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It looks like you modeled your clothing around a posed armature. (Notice how the arms are swung down twice as far as normal.) You need your clothes's starting position to match the skeleton's starting position, which is the neutral T pose. Make sure you're either displaying your skeleton's rest position or clearing all your pose transformations.

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