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For the 5th day in a row I have had trouble getting into the MP.

The site doesn't respond and times out over and over.

Everything else still works as expected. All the other websites I visit are loading fine. Only the SL Marketplace is having this recurring issue.

Is it just me or is anyone else getting timed out?

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I have had issues with SOME websites lately but the Marketplace is working just fine for me and quickly, so not a universal Marketplace issue. It may depend on where you are accessing from.  My secondary library finally got working again today after a few days --   so hopefully you will be able to use the Marketplace soon.   

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1 hour ago, Artorius Constantine said:

Just got timed out again. So bizarre, it's the only website doing it.

Tried to reload it 3 times and it failed every time.

Well it's good to hear it's not universal at least!

Thinking back, I had a few time-out issues a month or so ago.  I closed down all my browsers and cleared the browser caches.  Didn't have issues after that, but I wouldn't say for sure that it was related - might have just been a coincidence. 

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Broke out my retired laptop yesterday and the MP loaded fine on that. yay! Has to be something in this PC.

But none of the new things I uploaded are showing up in my product list. grrrr I uploaded an item Friday that still isn't in the list.

So still wasn't able to list any new items for over a week now. Always something.

Gonna go clean my cookies etc, update all my viewers and see how it goes today.

Sales have been unaffected (AFAICT) and it isn't universal, so it has to be a me issue. Move along, nothing to see here. Thx for the replies!

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