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Fun with A.I. based art website

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This one is called Artbreeder. https://www.artbreeder.com/

You can make an account and upload a few images for free and then mix them up with images on the site or other images you upload. I uploaded my forum avatar and mixed it with this real woman's portrait to get this. It takes a long time to upload your images because it has to process the image but you can make some nice stuff. 

Artbreeder Bree.jpeg

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There are sliders below the two faces and you can make the face shape or face style closer to one avatar or other.  There's also a children option that generates mixed faces with other random portraits.

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For digital artists it is a good way to generate random/specific faces that aren’t actual people or copyrighted art. There are other functions as well like creating anime faces and combining non-face images together as what @Chroma Starlight posted. For us it’s just a new way to goof around. 

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