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Trying to animate textures on 2 prims (glasses)

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Hey Guys,

I'm trying to make my own animated shades, but so far I only know how to put the script that animated X,Y cells into frames and then drop it in the prim with the texture, but I have no idea how to make the second prim (The other eye lens) coordinate with the first prim, I tried linking both and dropping the script and texture and it didn't work. I've asked multiple people how they got their animated glasses to work but no dice, they don't want to share. Please help me out? 

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There is no way to synchronize texture animation on two separate objects so if you want perfect sync, you need to make the two eye lenses part of the same object or, even better, the same face.

How you do this depends on whether you build with prims or mesh.

That is assuming you want the animation for the two lenses to be in perfect sync. If it's a fairly abstract texture pattern where the starting points for the two animations don't have to be in sync, all you really need to do is set the same speed for both.

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