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question about Full region and homestead

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Hello everyone,

    i wish to understand some of what i confused please if possible:

1. how much i pay to buy and own full region to LL ?

2. how much i pay every month ?

3. is there a  yearly payment also ?


4. after the full region, if i buy homestead, how much i buy every homestead?

5. how much i pay every month for single home stead?

6. is there any extra costs ?



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The price list is here: https://secondlife.com/land/privatepricing.php If you live in EU or Australia you probably have to pay VAT too.

It should answer questions #2 and 5.

Questions #1 and 2 are impossible to answer righ now. LL does not have capacity to add new regions at the moment so you need to buy existing ones. That means rather than pay the USD 349/149 starting fee lsited in the price lsit, you have to buy the region from the current owner (and also cover a $100 transfer fee). There's no fixed price for that of course.

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