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Very basic, neat ponytail?

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I'm looking for a very basic ponytail hairstyle for my avatar that is neat, sleek and would work well in a business setting; the kind of hair a little school-aged girl would have, but for adults.

However, looking through the marketplace for quite some time, I'm surprised I can't find what seems so simple; nearly all of the hairstyles I've found were messy, extremely long and voluminous types, with lots of hair covering the forehead, tied high above the head and often featured a bouffant style, none of which matches the description of what I'm looking for. 😋

I was also looking for some military style buns some time ago and the community was able to help me tremendously, offering quality suggestions and even helping me in-world to find a particular hair. I'm looking for neat, conservative, professional-style hair in general and I would highly appreciate it if anybody can help me again. 

- Charlotte Sinclair ❤️


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Posted (edited)

Thank you very much Josephine;

While I have tried hair from Doux before, this is exactly what I'm trying to avoid; the hair being tied too high above the back of the head, with too much hair. I'm going for a conservative look, something a somewhat older woman might wear, while cooking, doing chores, outdoor activities or in a business setting, rather than a more youthful, fashion-forward look. 

I'm looking for something very neat, and not too fashion-forward; just a very classic, high quality mesh ponytail with no fiddling with hairbases and such, if possible.

If you see the pictures I attached, especially the one in the top-left corner, that shape and look is exactly what I'm looking for, with no luck to date. 

The hair is tied a bit more lower than what you see in many of the most popular hair sold on the marketplace, and quite neat with no strands of hair splaying all over the place in every direction. Rezology seems to have some similar items, and a search for "low ponytail" yields some results, but nothing conclusive.

- Charlotte Sinclair

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Very interesting; 

Thank you, norajulian.

So far, this is the closest I've gotten: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TuTys-JUICY-Wet-look-ponytail-Dark-brown/3384493

TuTy's has some simple, neat hair; no bouffant, wavy ponytail or anything extra, save for a few strands of hair on the side... they also have a headscarf with a ponytail underneath it which I have.

I'm looking for something that's not that long... I already have some super long ponytails.


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Thank you, norajulian for your suggestion; 

That looks to be a very good option; I'll put it on my wishlist for next time. 

I've pretty much found what I was looking for, on page 20 or so after searching "ponytail" under the Hair section. 

It's short and sweet; I don't think I'll get any closer than this - I'm quite happy I finally found what I'm looking for.


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Thank you so much Laurel;

It's good to have some options; I'll certainly consider this one. 

I'm getting some Lara Croft vibes from some of these 😙

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