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What is a good place for a (usually) topless kitsune to hang out?

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As the title says and as you can see in the picture, I am a kitsune (well I am at the moment, but that could change tomorrow 😉 ) and routinely topless as a matter of principle, see my picks for an explanation.

I am not very sexually active so straight-up sex clubs/regions are not quite my cup of tea (they get boring very fast) although a location where adult activities are allowed (and sometimes evcen take place) would be just fine.
What I would like to find is a place with people who enjoy conversations on a wide variety of topics, who are not shocked to see someone topless or nude.
Beaches are usually not something I would enjoy (ever seen a fox on the beach? 🙂 ) but I am usually quite happy in most other environments. Clubs that just consist of a dancefloor usually have little to offer to me.
Musically I am a fan of 80s music (the more unknown the song and/or band, the better), Punk, Post-punk, Goth, Industrial, Synthpop and so forth. 

But above all, what makes a nice hangout to me are the people. If they enjoy talking in local and not just stick to their own clique or even make an effort to not only welcome but also involve newcomers in their conversations, then that sounds like an awesome place to hang out at.

I know, I sound picky but that's only because I am that picky 🙂

Seriously though, I have described my ideal place and I am quite well aware that this place may not at all exist but if any of my descriptions remind you of an existing location in SL, then I would love it if you could share that location with me in a reply to this post.

Who knows, my next favorite hangout spot may be the one that YOU recommended to me!


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