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11 hours ago, Bagnu said:

The word would be whore lol!!! And I'm proud of it!!!

I was going to say escort.. I didnt realize you did freebies. 

3 hours ago, Caroline Takeda said:


One does not exclude the other.

I did my share of "social work" showing noobs free of charge how to slex (on an ALT though).
Even wrote an entire series about it.

Was hilarious sometimes.

I didnt mean to imply they did. 

I just assumed that she didnt do freebies. And yes, SLex with noobs is always hilarious. I was a stripper/escort for a while  and had several clients just want "the clickies" as in clicking on the old school parts that had emotes built in. If they wanted to pay 5K for an hours worth of clicking, who was i to judge?

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