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Just for fun - Remembering old brands that have gone!

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I went back twelve years in my blog for this. Amazingly a lot of the folks that I featured are still around and that is a WONDERFUL THING.  

Of all the shops I miss, Long Awkward Pose tops the list. I still use plenty of poses from there. Granted, they may not have been quite as "slick" as some that are out now, but there were so many free things and so many hunts and contest and FUN.  So Dove Swanson is at the top of my list. For those that don't know, we apparently (well some of us old folks) put her kids through college --- a nice thought. 


Calla and House of Heart are both gone  -- some very popular old time hair makers. 

Lazy Places -- a fun to visit shop. 

Love Chic (my clothing store) and Baubles (jewelry) both left the party and I moved on to houses and such. 

Of the shopping sims (many many in the old days) that I miss -- Retrology the most. 



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I decided to try on some of my old clothing and hair. Hair is from Surf and Co - Hudsen and the outfit is Last Call  -  Casablanca.  I didn't  attempt to squeeze my fat mesh feet into prim shoes, thou

I never got into the whole "Stiletto Moody" craze.  Maybe cos I was too cheap to pay 1k for one pair of shoes! I miss Last Call, Pixeldolls and Kyoot.

I've been doing this over on Flickr, with a series that I've called 'BoM Redux' - taking my favourite old system and sculpt looks and updating them using BoM and a few similar items in mesh. It's a lo

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4 hours ago, Cube Republic said:

If that's all prims that amazing. To have fitted all the parts together to make the faceted jewel would have been a pain

I'm doubting my own memory now, and, examining the tiara, I might have confused it with another jeweller's tiara that I have, and saw being made from prims. :D  I'm happy for someone to see it and tell me what they think.

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I still have very expensive but rather marvelous sculptie shoes from DNKY.


I think the store had to go after someone who goes by the name of Donna Karen who happens to own a clothing company based in New York filed a complaint pertaining infringement of her trademark.


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Four places I truly enjoyed shopping at were

Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium

G&N Quality Design

Sweeter Than Candy


Oh, and there was a gacha shop called Gacha-ya that had delightful things.

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I miss DRD making clothes, I have them all, yes  present tense

Schadenfreude making cloth...corsets^^

eXxEsS making clothes

Wicked Tattoos







Delerium Style


The sea hole (was mentioned before, seconding that)




Kanival Tattoos

list might be continued

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The Sea Hole made these acorn shaped chandeliers that I always liked.

They're still open, but I miss Boogers making bears for the Arcade.

& my favorite wig shop- Spellbound, hasn’t released anything in over a year- closer to two years. 😞


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On 7/27/2020 at 9:21 PM, Jordan Whitt said:

I never got into the whole "Stiletto Moody" craze.  Maybe cos I was too cheap to pay 1k for one pair of shoes!

I miss Last Call, Pixeldolls and Kyoot.

I hear you on the stiletto moody thing, the worst of it was, the shoes took so long to rez and the people who wore them didn't seem to realize this so instead of these "wonderful" shoes, all anyone saw was greyed out prim balls and cubes and a gap where the ankle ought to be.  No sense in paying for that!

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I had so much fun when the first mesh clothes came out. Most people did not have the viewer to see them correctly and all you saw was a prim around someones waist with a texture on it.  I used to wear a torus and slap a texture on it and pretend I was wearing the latest mesh. When people with the mesh viewer asked me what I was wearing i would say, oh you must not have the latest latest viewer.

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13 hours ago, Chic Aeon said:

Calla and House of Heart are both gone  -- some very popular old time hair makers.

Calla hair was one of the first places I found in SL.  I wasn't all that wild about their hair styles (or maybe it was just that I didn't have a lot of $L), but I loved their camping area.  You could sit and check out the other campers, and they had a Simon game you could play to pass the time.  And if you were patient, you got free hair!


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Calla was definitely my first hair too, I think they must have had a store near the starting area because I remember going there on my first or second day. I look back at those pictures, and I was definitely a mess, but at the time you couldn't even talk to me. I thought I looked amazing.

Other stores: Frangipani  I think it was called.  Marlys with cute vintage wear. Naughty Hair.I even found some old Elikatira hair that she partnered with rl brand Aveda to make.

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3 hours ago, Akasha Sternberg said:

Kanival Tattoos

The phoenix tattoo I still wear permanently, after about 11 or 12 years, is from Kanival. It's so old that it doesn't even have tattoo layers, only underwear and clothing layers. I think they updated it after I purchased it but there was no redelivery option and I never bothered to pay again for it. But I still love it.

Some others I remember fondly;

  • Blaze and SF Designs for mens formalwear. I think SF is still around but they pretty much gave up releasing anything new after mesh started.
  • LnL Square for fantasy-wear and really good graphic t-shirts, all layer stuff.
  • Indi - they used to have a freebie-of-the-month where you'd collect a single part of an outfit every week and by the end of the month  it made a complete outfit. They also had a massive basement full of really old freebies.
  • Shai - casual menswear; my favourite system jeans are from there.
  • Philotic Energy for hair - I somehow got to be friends with the creator and she made a custom ginger shade for me in several styles.
  • Yak & Yeti - They had a ton of Tibetan and Indian clothing, jewelry and furniture, all free My alt Indra still has everything from there.
  • House of Curios - I was in the group when they closed and gave everything away free (and I still haven't sorted through it all yet)

It's a shame that so many creators weren't able to keep up after mesh arrived and it would be nice to see some of them make a comeback now that BOM makes system-layer clothing a viable product again.

One of my favourite pieces of prim-only engineering is the grand piano from Musical Alchemy. It comes in at a massive 69 LI, but it's still a beautiful piece of work. I miss the creator, Persephone Milk, too. I hope she is doing okay.


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9 hours ago, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

Rezzable Productions, who made wonderful stuff such as the Greenies sims and the Carnival of Doom.


I'm wondering what they would have come up with if they had stayed in SL when mesh came around.

We could do a whole post just on memories of Rezzable productions. I really enjoyed their content a  lot and Light Waves was a bit of an Icon in second life too. I wonder if he's still around secretly. 

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On 7/27/2020 at 5:34 PM, Cube Republic said:

Who remembers  'Stiletto moody' ? Completely overpriced sculpted prim shoes that my female avi friends loved.

Graphics and network cards everywhere breathed a sigh of relief when that brand vanished.

To add to the list,


EDM Motors

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Furniture brands are what KILL me. Cause I filled my house with ALL their crap and eventually they became dated.



BOTH come to mind. I'm happy to say for men's fashion [hoorenbeek] is still around lol


Head shots_032 Normal.png


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My old favorites from 2006 onwards were:

Maximum Minimum (Furniture)
Scope Cleaver (made me the Bartlett House - I think LL still have that somewhere!)
Curio Skins (Gala Phoenix) who sadly left SL after having a legal battle to protect her IP
Naughty - Sim - had all the stores for the skins, clothes etc
Starax (the amazing wand!)
Outy Banjo who made an amazing storm system
GNUbie Store where some of us put out free things for new users back in the day

I just found the pictures of the build from Scope too...  



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Back in the day there were the three "I's" for vintage shopping....Ivalde, Ingenue and Icing. Sadly Ivalde is long gone. Ingenue only does shoes and some modern clothes. And to be fair I am not sure about Icing these days. There was also Jetdoll, and Donna Flora (who made amazing Jewelry), and Pocket Mirrors (hair). I still have tons of outfits from Ivalde (I used to model for them) and Ingenue (who also made really cute vintage hair) and Jetdoll. A few still from Icing. With BOM I have been able to revive many of these old pieces.  All of these clothes have held up very well. Especially Ivalde.



sl ivalde.pngIvalde

sl ivalde 2.png

Donna Flora

sl Donna Flora.jpg

Donna Flora

sl donna flora 2.png

sl jetdoll.pngJetdoll

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