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On 7/27/2020 at 9:00 PM, FairreLilette said:

My first two avatars when I was in SL a long time ago where totally and completely inspired by Stevie Nicks.  

SL had way better skirts and dresses that one could wear because of the prim skirt parts that twirled like Stevie Nicks.  I miss those kinds of clothes!  I am not a big fan of prim skirts anymore but there has to be a way to have longer skirts for women someday and one's that show feet and or to wear with platform boots like Stevie always wore.  

My first home was named "Crystal Visions" after Stevie Nicks too.  

This is my third time in SL and I have been "playing" with fantasy type avatars.  When I make a female human, she always seem to come out "girl next door look" or like "a Mom".  I can never seem to make a really good sexy avatar.  I look like a Mom most of the time, imo.  

My Classic Clothes used to look like some of these photos in the pictures below.  I always wore long blonde flowing flexi hair.  

I have clothes like Stevie Nicks in real life, too.  I very much dress like her when I am not working.   And, yesh, I have my clogs in rl and sl too!  

Jeeeez, I miss clothes like we used to have below...looked so much like the ones below and were just gorgeous!  






Ohemo makes great clogs, if you're looking!

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Okay, I caved in and decided to give that StarByFace site a go and the strongest match is Taylor Swift with a 39% match. I don't even like her... well, her music (can't comment on her as a person).
This pic is a cropped version of my latest on my Flickr (not safe for the SL forum!)


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4 minutes ago, Nova Convair said:

Similarities with other people is purely coincidental 😎

Indeed, I never set out to look like anyone. I adjust the sliders for my head until I am happy with the look. 
Some people intentionally look like others, which is fine of course. But for me personally, that is never the goal (with the exception of 3 characters from a SciFi TV show, just to see if I could do it)

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2 hours ago, Fritigern Gothly said:


Fun fact, I actually got this hair (it was a group gift) because it reminded me of Noortje, the protagonist in a Dutch comic strip aimed at teenage girls. A comic which I devoured as a child!
The ears were a separate product (although I do have hairs with ears)

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