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About 2/3 of the land in Second Life consists of Private Estates.  You don't have to be a Premium member to lease a parcel on one of these Private Estates.  You can also rent land on the Mainland as a Basic member.  You only have to be a Premium member if you want to own Mainland directly.  Becoming Premium allows you to buy a Mainland parcel from another resident, or participate in the land auctions, or get a Linden Home.

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1 hour ago, meown1660 said:

To purchase land am I required to become a SL premium member

If you want to buy it on the mainland, yes, you must be a premium member.  As a basic member, you may buy a private estate or may buy a parcel in an estate from the region owner.  You may rent anywhere.  I have been a basic member for over 13 years, renting parcels in private estates and on the mainland until about 2014, when I bought my own estate.  There are advantages on both sides of the rent/own decision.  I suggest doing a bit of reading in the Knowledge Base articles (tab at the top of this page) about LAND to help you make a decision.

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