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Can not log in and note me password wrong


Here is the thing, I and a friend co-play SL.

After he loged this SL account in his Mac Viewer and played about 1-2 weeks, I can't log this account in my Mac Viewer anymore, but the website is still OK, even I changed password on website.

And I tried ways like reinstalling Viewer in my Mac, changing password to a new one, but things is still like above.

And when I try to login, my friend isn't doing anything to SL with this account.

I really need to resolve this problem as soon as possible, if someone could help me with this issue, that would be very kind.

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Here is the thing, your friend and you should not be using the same account.  That's a Terms of Service violation and could get one or both of you banned.  Not only that, but whichever of you originally signed up for the account is completely responsible for whatever is done with it.  If your friend uses it to commit scams or other violations, YOU may be held responsible.

And one other thing...this is a resident to resident help forum.  We can't give you technical support, only advice.  For technical support, file a Support Case with LL.

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You can have two people using the same viewer. But, each needs a separate account. That means each has an ID and a Password. 

My suspicion is...

Your ID and Password were replaced with their ID and Password in the viewer so they can log in, you will have to replace those with your ID and password to login. Since you can login here, you know your password. I suspect your messing up the ID part in the viewer's name field. Depending on the viewer the First, Last name and sort of assumed .resident for some names is confusing the issue.

See if you can sort out what is happening with your viewer and user ID. If not, contact support. They will be able to see what you are doing wrong.

There is also the possibility they logged into the Preview or Beta Grid and did not switch the viewer back to AGNI, the main grid. If you do not have the Beta setup  then login is going to fail.

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