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Does the Mar Lesbiana Continent still exist?

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The list of continents on the official SL Wiki website includes a continent called "Mar Lesbiana" which it describes as a continent of more than 30 sims composed of islands and open sailing waters that is only open to women.

I am unable to find this continent on the map or in Search.  

Does anyone know if it still exists?  If it is still around, I would appreciate any information that you may have as to how to get there.

If it no longer exists, I would be interested in knowing what happened to it.

Thank you.

- Fawn




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The SL Wiki article was last updated on 16 September 2014‎

This article, however, was last updated August 13, 2016‎ (by the same person) and is therefore fresher.

Gridsurvey has no information on Mar Lesbiana past march 6th, 2016 so I assume that whoever owned these private regions just called it quits.

Aside from this, I have not been able to find anything on that private mini continent.

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