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What a mess.

1 hour ago, Lucia Nightfire said:

"All your UUID are belong to us."

Lucia is telling you that by posting all those UUIDs, you just gave away all your textures. If you have the UUID of a texture, you can put it on your objects.

I'd suggest 1) deleting that part of your post, and 2) using a vendor from CasperVend like everybody else. PERMISSION_DEBIT should be given only to scripts that are very well debugged. A bug can take all your Linden money. Writing your own vendor code requires more defensive programming than that script shows. And you need to spend time on the beta test grid, where money is free, to debug. And you need an alt, for testing, because you need a non-owner to test this.

One bug is that shareHolderKey, the party that gets a share of the sale price, is always ""; So you will have a failed llGiveMoney transaction on a transfer to a bogus key on every sale. Which the script will not notice, because it's not using llTransferLindenDollars, a newer call that returns a status. Not sure what happens when you give money to the empty string, but that's not something good to do. This looks like someone tried to remove a "share revenue" feature but left dead code behind.

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