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Healthy Advice For Prospective Second Life Firefighters, EMTs/Paramedics, and Police Officers

Gwenivere Caultard

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I won't bore you all too much with a long resume of my real world experience in emergency services.

Suffice it to say that in the real world, I'm a professional chief fire officer, and have worked side by side with great police officers, paramedics and so on.

One of the things I see, all too often, in Second Life, are would-be cops, walking around like the own the place... showing a total lack of tact and respect to other residents.

Regardless of whether you fashion yourself a firefighter, cop, or paramedic in Second Life...  there are some things that are universal among these services... standards that you should uphold as a public servant in Second Life.

1.)  The badge you wear, is not 'power'.  It's not 'authority'.   It's a symbol of a sacred public trust.  You are, as a wearer of such a badge... be it firefighting clothing/helmet, a police uniform, or paramedic uniform... duty bound, to respect the dignity of everyone you meet, and to defend that dignity at every turn.

2.)  You do not write the 'rules' of a sim, nor do you enforce them.  You do not use your postition as a means to browbeat money out of anyone.  

3.)  You ARE responsible to assist other users.  If they have a question about SL, and you know the answer... we're in the helping business... so you're duty bound to help if you can.

4.)  You have a duty to show respect to sims.  Pick up your stuff when you're done.   Do not engage in emergency roleplay that disrupts the fun of other people.   Do not engage in roleplay that affects other people who do NOT want to partake in your roleplay.   NEVER rezz an emergency in a rented property unless it is your own.

5.)  Know the difference, between the following conditions.

    a.)  Community/Social condition

    b.)  Roleplay condition

    c.)  Administrative condtion.

  Community/Social conditions, are simply put... when you're just hanging out, shooting the bull, dancing and listening to music and so on.   Try not to be a jerk in these situations.

  Roleplay condtions are, simply put, roleplay circumstances.  This is when you need to act like a professional at your job... being courteous to the public, doing your job the best way you can, and striving to behave in a manner equal to the BEST emergency response workers in the business. 

  Administrative conditons, are, when someone is breaking sim rules, or violating the Linden Labs TOS or both.   If you're a cop... this isn't your business... this is the business of sim owners/moderators.   If you're a fire officer... the same applies... if you're a paramedic supervisor... the same applies.  REFER THESE SITUATIONS TO SIM OWNERS/MODERATORS and SHUT YOUR MOUTH.  Let THEM deal with it.   If you can't reach them, notify Linden Labs using the report function.

  Emergency services roleplay aka First Responder Roleplay, is a MINIORITY ACTIVITY in Second Life.   That means there's very few places where it's welcomed.   If we don't show a little respect and behave ourselves... we won't HAVE places where first responder roleplay is accepted.

  The primary mission of an emergency responder, is to be an ASSET to others... not a liability or pain in the butt.

Have fun out there!
Gwenivere Shadowcat
Paradise Coast Volunteer Fire Department (SL)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4057 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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