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Hello, I am looking for a club that is in need of a good manager. Please read all before hitting me up. 

My Experience - I have been on SL a little over 5 years. I have managed clubs, as well as owned a club. I have experience as a General Manager, DJ Manager, Host Manager, Shift manager, as well as Club Director. I also use to DJ, but I have stopped DJ'ing, right now I rather just manage clubs. As far as the club, I know how to work just about any DJ Board, contest board, schedule board, trivia ball, support staff board, ect... I have experience in hiring staff, terminating staff, training staff, ect... I have experience advertising in the in-world groups as well as Facebook. I have many FB Hire groups and Event groups. I have the same in world as well. 

Looking for- I am looking for a club that plays many different genres of music. I am looking for a organized club. I do not work at strip clubs or clubs that have escorts. Adults clubs are fine but if its a sex club, I am not interested. I am looking for a club that will allow me to do my job.....for example if I am the DJ manager then give me the ability to do my job. For example if I have to go to someone else to handle every little thing that happen, its not gonna work for me. I do understand a trial period, no problem. 

Pay - I am not big on pay. I work on SL for the enjoyment more than the pay. All I ask is....don't take advantage of me. 

Availability - I can be online pretty much anytime , everyday. But not looking to live at the club either. 

If interested in Hiring me, you can leave a response here or contact me in world by leaving a Notecard....Geraldgman Resident

When responding please leave a Landmark to your club, so that I can check it out. Thank you

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Hi Gerald. I work for Wild Bill's Saloon and we ARE in need of a DJ manager right now but we are a country music only club. Let me know if this would be on interest to you. 

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Dream NightClub, Beach & Events is looking to hire

* DJ
* Host
* Live Singer/Performer/Musicians

We pay 100% tips to staff & we also pay salary if you stick with us for 30 days or longer. Salary paid after 30 day period is up. We'll also pay all staff bonus per set so they spend 2 hours in the club during sets. 


NOTE: You must be 30 days old

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sugulite Island/204/211/23

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