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White dot above my head? Walking animation is always on.

Jimmie Jasper
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I have a white dot above my head.

I think it may be a left over demo item, but i can find it..is there anyway to search for a demo item on your avator?

I also have an issue with a animation " walking".  My AO won't override it, and i can't find that either.


Can anyone help, I'm still new with all of this. Thanks!!!:matte-motes-big-grin:

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Thank you all..The dot is gone :)

The walking animation is not the default walk..it's like a power walk or something. When I try to override it with my AO, the walk will be the one selected for about 5 seconds, then revert back to the power walk on it's own. I looked in animations and checked my folders for anything enabled..and can't find it. I tried reloaded my AO to see if it overrides it..but nothing.


Thanks again.

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I could go into all the reasons, but I will just try give you the answers, hopefully. You must be wearing 2 AOs. There are a number of things that might have a walk overide in it, namely shoes.

What I would do is ...... save your outfit. Then once it is saved, you can see all the things you are wearing. 1 by 1, take off each object, not the regular clothes and stuff with symbols, just the objects that have a box as a symbol. After you take off an object, walk, then take off another and walk, until you find the item with the AO. Once you find the items with the extra ao, you can try to delete the ao or drag it into your inventory and then delete it from the object.

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