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The Serenity Newbie Center will be hosting a new roleplay series! 

This is a series of classes offered on a recurring basis here at the Newbie Center.   You may attend as many as you like, there is no test, but these classes will help you learn to roleplay, and enjoy your time with other roleplayers.

We teach two classes twice each month.  The first series takes place the first Wednesday and Thursday of the month, at 7pm SLT.  The second series takes place on the third Saturday and Sunday of the month, at 9am SLT. We will announce the classes in our discord (https://discord.gg/HPJkEGd) and on our google calendar with our other classes (https://tinyurl.com/SNCclasses).

Class One :  In our first class of the series, we discuss what roleplay is, how to emote, and some basic dos and don'ts.  There is class participation to practice what is learned, and ample time for questions and discussion.  The class runs approximately one hour.

Class Two:  In our second class of the series, we will explore creating characters,  the difference between IC and OOC, Limits, Godmoding/Metagaming, and use of external information.  Class participation and question and answer time will be included, and the class lasts about an hour.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hidden Serenity/139/134/1264

Questions?  Contact Cara Lionheart.

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