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Tip for taking good picture ?

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There are a number of tutorials on YouTube about doing photography in SL.

A few of the tutorials are about posing the avatar. Several of us use the Black Dragon Viewer and its built-in Poser for our shots. As an example... This is a stand pose modified in BD's Poser to be a toe dip.


Black Dragon and Firestorm viewers have custom environment and camera control panels. I've used both and they make it way easier to get lighting and environment just the way I want it.

Windlight is part of all viewers except the SL Default Viewer which has moved onto EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. Other viewers are updating to EEP. Soon it will be the only environment controls available. In general that is a good thing. The bad part is it makes most of the "How To" videos obsolete. I expect before the year is over most third-party viewers will have changed to EPP. Expect the rush to start when Firestorm releases their next version.

A newer (2017) set of tutorials is here, Anya Ohmai.

Also, take a look around the forum here. In the Your Avatar section their are lots of tips and explanations spread through 1300+ pages of avatar images. In another thread there is lots of Q&A on Black dragon: Making Avatars Look Good inBlackDragon! Share Your Hints and Advice!

You'll find most of the people in the Your Avatar section are posting images in Flickr too. There are a couple of groups that make an effort to combine the Flickr and SL posters.


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On 7/20/2020 at 6:15 PM, rubyelena said:

Hello !! I started my Flickr recently : https://www.flickr.com/photos/187251262@N04/

but I don't the quality of my pic.. So I wanted to have tip for taking good pic (I use the firestorm viewers) 


thank u if someone help me! 

Hello! Try considering black dragon for pics, but if your computer can't handle it, you can still use firestorm with ultra graphics settings. Also, try changing WL, you can also download some from here- http://www.bvnsl.com/windlight-downloads/ 

I found the windlights which I vibe with from the above link, and I hope you do too!

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Posted (edited)

It is clear from some of your shots that you can take high quality clear pictures. Not all are that but certainly some are. I suggest learning how to work better with Windlight. Lighting is very much an important part of photos. 

Also, in most cases your avatar is right in the center of the photo which isn't always the most interesting placement. Try moving the camera so that your avatar is over to the side a bit (or as someone suggested crop later) and let some of the hopefully interesting background you choose be part of your picture.  


I don't see any cast shadows in your screenshot so not sure if your computer can do that, but if you can use cast shadows then give that a try for more interest. 

Enlarging your pose collection will help also.    


So --- 




Placement - composition

Background - theme 


All are important.

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  1. discover windlights (Windlights affect the way the picture turns out even editing might not help sometimes if you choose the wrong one)
  2. find an angle that you like 
  3. zoom in or out Ctrl Shift and Fn + 8 9 0 should be your bestfriends. try them.
  4. if you use black dragon, which i really recommend,  You can rotate the camera angle, you can do so many much than firestorm. It may seem hard to use at first but once you discover it and play around with the windlight settings you'll get the hang of it.
  5. if you're wearing a colorful outfit or a busy pattern, dont use too colorful backdrops because they'll distract away the attention from whatever you're wearing (take it from a blogger). You might wanna try simple backdrops and vice versa.
  6. Try adding elements to your picture. I came to a conclusion that people like a detailed picture on flickr. If you think you're picture is missing something add an element like birds, a piece of furniture, pets, etc.
  7. You can play around with windlights and make your own by going to environment and edit sky. 
  8. depth of field is helpful too if you want to blur your surroundings in a picture without just blurring it on photoshop (really helpful tip). You can use it when you go on ultra, or you have all the graphics checkbox checked.

I hope it was all helpful! I'll add more if I come across more!

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