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ADULT-FURNISHED MALDIVES LUX HOME v2 (2 story, more than 1,450 animations + 102 prims = L 405/week)


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New! Following the success of the NY Duplexes, please welcome the new 2 story "MALDIVES LUX HOME" as designed and built by MillenaKera. Version 2 is the revised one to the original version, adding see-through floor to the Maldives blue light water.

Stay with us for our shared values on:



1. Be comfortable at home without worrying the neighbors or other tenants from peeking at your activities. The Maldives Lux Home provides full privacy and access to the security system. 

2. Own privacy also means that you can get your home location's name set into your name (for example: David's Maldives Lux Home; Tara's Maldives Lux Home). Contact MillenaKera for this feature.


3. Each of the Maldives Lux Home is furnished with more than 1,450+ high quality adult poses/animations from awesome brands, such as:
Abiss, CasperTech, Debauchery, Nerenzo, Ruckus, Trompe Loeil, USDesigns, VRDz. We pick the quality furnitures for your needs, allowing you to save your cost and reduce your hustles, significantly.

4. Each of the Maldives Lux Home is also completed with Bento Dances from TIS and Move! Romantic couple and enjoyable single dances are available. 

5. We can also provide the Maldives Lux Home with furniture containing RLV male and female dom, BDSM, dance poles, small wine bar, arcade machine and pool table which you can play with! We can even give choices of indoor plants. These are per request, and not rez in default since they take up prims. Just contact MillenaKera for choices of extra adult-fun furniture.

6. All the fun are definitely in the house!

7. Each of the Maldives Lux Home is not multi-scenes home, since we value your needs for quality adult-animations/poses and fun equal to the designs/decors. Try these animations to believe.


8. Extra prims are sufficiently provided to give you the discretion to add personal touches. You may, however, ask MillenaKera to exclude some furniture to get more prims available as per your preference.


9. Maldives Lux Home is a 2 story spacious home with high ceilings. The home is designed to minimize bumping/viewing into the walls while moving or enjoying the furniture, while giving you the warm feeling of being at home.



10. In fact, you will be rewarded more than what you spend, not to mention that by staying at Maldives Lux Home you are saving your time, energy, and in the longer term, saving your costs.


9. You will be given 500++ seconds to look around and try the furniture;
or contact MillenaKera for TP/longer visit

10. Maldives Lux Home is for as reasonable as L$ 405/week (promo) + 102 prims
(equal to as less as USD 1.6/week or less then USD 6/month)



- visit our Lounge, and check the RENTAL KIOSK at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Garleon/152/190/3567
- teleport to the available Maldives Lux Home, once you are there:

a. Look for the Rental Meter, do the payment, and that is it.
b. Pay to stay for minimum 1 week.
c. After the payment, you will automatically have access to the security system.
d. to rez your stuff, you are required to join our group. For invitation, please contact: MillenaKera


For further assistance, please contact me: MillenaKera. 
Kindly give me maximum 24 hours to reply.


Give your self own comfort home, and impress your guests.
Looking forward to have you as my tenant. ^^

MK - MillenaKera

living room_002.jpg

living room_001.jpg

living room_009.jpg

living room_008.jpg

living room_006.jpg

living room_005.jpg

living room_007.jpg

living room_004.jpg

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1 Maldives Lux Home is currently a home to our tenant.

We can provide more Maldives Lux Home units per request/custom made. Please contact MillenaKera.

Still as reasonable as L$ 400/week.

Our Lounge for info: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Garleon/152/190/3567



MillenaKera ^^


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