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Confused about SL prudishness

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An asexual friend of mine would not agree with you.  My understanding is that being asexual is no more "weird" than being homosexual or bi-sexual.  Granted, some asexual people still have sex, for var

Some want no sex in SL Some want no kids in SL Some want no furries in SL Some want no fees in SL Some want <insert topic here> in SL   People are people - some wan

Some = rare findings of weirdos crying out loud. Best ignored. Or in other words: "prudishness" is quite the least likely term I'd associate with SL.

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Fabio. Ugh. 

I'm sorry but no one will ever come close to the works of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, the woman who started the whole genre. I read her first two books when they were first published. So far, no one has ever topped those two books in the genre (I prefer scifi), not even Kathleen herself ever topped her first two.

And you won't find Flabio on any of her original book covers. Oh. Sorry. I mean Fabio. Never did see him as a gorgeous hunk of man. Sure he had a great body but his face always turned me off. He still Can't Believe It's Not Butter. 🤭

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My opinion on this is thus:

Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one, and some are worse off than others.

To even humor the removal of adult content from SL by Linden Lab would result in widespread backlash by not just those who partake in it but by the more libertarian elements of SL, damage to the SL economy because people won't bother buying items that might be deleted come 2-4 months' time. If it were to go through, a sizable chunk (note, not a majority, but a sizable chunk) of SL's user-based economy would be *GONE* causing a cascading effect on the land economy as not just would Zindra and numerous adult estates go barren, but even other parts of mainland and other areas are abandoned with Residents leaving at worst or at best, spend even less than they already do. People worry about the Waterfield acquisition being the end of the grid, this would be a more grounded reality of how SL could ***** the bed.

Second Life thrives and prospers on its' freedoms - and falters when its' populace is hindered by either over-reaching rules or (exorbitant) cost.

Those who dislike adult content have had, do have, and always will have the option to avoid adult content: don't enter A-rated regions. Don't participate in Adult Groups. You have had this choice since the dawn of Agni itself, and complaining about sex here and demanding its' banning is equivalent to stupid parents complaining about violent video games and porn and demanding they be banned when they themselves cannot be arsed to control their kids - they ask the Government (Linden Lab) to parent their children (their feeble ego) instead of sucking it up and doing it themselves. It's done by moral busybodies who have nothing better to do than whine and complain.

Oppressing the expression of others which is protected under the TOS ordained by Linden Lab to promote self-expression, free speech and other factors is morally unacceptable, regardless of your opinion. You won't see me demanding the Lindens axe anyone who dares encroach on my freedom to express myself within the confines of the current rules and regulations, but you will see me drop proverbial nukes on Battery Street if they tread on those freedoms.

If you want to partake in a holier-than-thou virtual world where sex is banned outright, Start your own OpenSim Grid and connect it to the Hypergrid. Nothing is stopping you from doing that. If not, either pack up and go elsewhere or suck it up and be an adult like the rest of us. Just because you dislike something, doesn't mean it should be banned.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 271 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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